Since the early 50’s, BUROV continues to be one of the iconic brands of french design

BUROV was established in 1948, in Rue Crozatier in the heart of the furniture district in Paris


Both a design house and furniture manufacturer, since the early 50’s, BUROV continues to be one of the iconic brands of french design. The brand has always relied on in-house manufacturing and development for all of its products. Today, Burov furniture is manufactured at its factory in Candé, in the Maine-et-Loire (49), located in the West part of France between Nantes and Angers. BUROV is producing chairs, armchairs and high-end sofas, marketed in about 120 stores mostly in France, and also in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Lebanon. BUROV is part of the “Groupe BUROV LELEU”,which employs nearly 90 staff.


A French manufacturing company

As an affiliate of the Groupe, Burov benefits from the expertise, know-how, research and development of a French manufacturing company with almost 70 years of experience, which integrates and controls all stages of development of its chairs, armchairs and sofas, including: the design, prototyping, woodworking, framing, assembly, color and lacquering, sewing and upholstery, and even in-house production of molded foam.


Fruits of a high-quality manufacturing

bringing together industry and high-end craftsmanship, BUROV products meet the highest quality criteria and are recognized as such by industry professionals. In this respect BUROV is present in different industrial sectors, including the yachting and boating industry. The products are guaranteed for 10 years for structures and molded foams and 3 years for coatings. The life span of our products is, in fact, far beyond our warranty.

Our leather

BUROV leathers are high-quality leathers, selected with the utmost care, made by the best tanneries in Europe (France, Germany and Italy). The selected skins come exclusively from Europe, because they are, in general, of much better quality than the ones from South America or other non-European origins. The excellent quality of the skins of European bulls comes from the way they are bred and fed, therefore most of our collection is made from European bull skins because they have a more compact fiber texture. The work of the tanners, their experience and their mastery give the BUROV leathers an irreproachable quality.